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Seeta Parents is a private mixed day and boarding primary school housing a Kindergarten as well. Founded in 1994 by Mr. Mbogo Keefa Mbowa (RIP) and Mrs. Juliet Mbogo Mbowa, with a total of eight (8) pupils.

The school aims at being the best global academic institution providing pre-primary and primary education.The school has two governing bodies;

(1) The Board of directors and the school management team,

(2) One head teacher and a united staff who strive to ensure that every child affords the best educational experience by providing children with opportunities to engage in, extend and share their learning at home in addition to developing the necessary skills for the future.

The team is committed to providing the very best for the children and believes that this means a great deal more than simply academic results that can easily be tested and presented in tables.

We are the best!

Seeta Parents School is the leading independent school in Mukono Municipality providing an unrivalled education for boys and girls.

Academic standards at Seeta Parents School are high at every age. Our classes, dedicated staff and comprehensive curriculum provide a broad education and freedom of choice in progression to senior schools.

Our very attractive school buildings, set in beautiful grounds provides a perfect learning environment for the children. A combination of traditional values and modern teaching techniques allow children to develop into confident, thoughtful and capable young people.

Interested parents are welcome to visit the school at any time to have a look around and meet the staff. 


"Education is Light"

Molding to produce a holisitic citizen in today's global world.


"Education is Light"

To educate a literate, God fearing and acceptable member of the society.

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Seeta parents mother hill of education, Educate the child to modernize Uganda, All heroes are once all eggs, Educate us and give us light.

Almighty God, the giver of peace, Bless us children and all the stuff, make us wiser and ever brave, up on the hills to serve the nation.

Seeta Parents mother place of learning develop, Seeta and attract some more, Our founders built on the rock, Fight ignorance we shall excel.


Learners experience all round capicity building.

Academically, we have high expectations of the children as well as helping to develop their confidence and self-belief. Many of the students gain places at prestigious secondary schools in the Uganda and overseas and go on to take up rewarding and satisfying careers. Most pupils gain places at their first choice of schools. The school’s philosophy is that the top grades should be seen as realistic targets within their reach. Pupils are encouraged to set challenging goals, display independence of thought and judgement, and enjoy learning. 

Seeta Parents School has three campuses which are known as Sections and these are;

Lower Primary,

Middle Primary

and Upper Primary.

Lower Primary comprises of Kindergarten classes upto primary two (P.2).

Middle Primary has the following classes; P.3, P.4 and P.5.

Upper Primary has P.6 and P.7.

All campuses are well fenced and guarded by security guards.

The setup of these sections ensures the best service delivery and best learning artmosphere for every child in line with the age, class level and requipments.

Seeta Parents School has a long and proud tradition of academic excellence reflecting our commitment to providing a wide-ranging curriculum, taught in comfortable classes, challenging the pupils to raise their expectations, widen their horizons and aim for excellence. We are proud of our pupils and their impressive results year on year in PLE and we encourage and celebrate success at all levels and in all fields. Whilst following the guidelines of the National Curriculum, we are not limited by it and our inspirational teachers encourage the pupils to participate and engage in the learning process. Our pupils combine academics, sporting, service, creative and social activities with a focus on participation and fun as well as excellence and achievement.


The school has state of the art facilities suitable for learners.
Seeta Parents Primary School offers excellent learning facilites; clean, spacious classrooms fitted with good furniture, quiet learning environment.
Main office is headed by the headteacher and there are adminstrative assistants at different sections to help on adminstrative duties at section level.
Security is a top priority by Ministry of Seeta Parents School due to fire issues.
We hire qualified security guards from recommendable companies to work with the school security team to ensure a secure learning environment.
We have security measures at all entrances into the school.
Boarders are not allowed to leave the premises unless it is a planned school activity or outing. Boarders are given permissions to leave school in cases of sickness, request from parents or special arrangements by the school.

The school has well stocked library with up-to-date books in line with curriculum which are accessible by pupils and teachers on daily basis to promote the reading culture.
The school also has a computer room where pupils attend computer lessons to gain computer basic skills and using internet for research.
A fully fitted kitchen and dining hall are situated in the school blocks in all Sections. All food is prepared on site in our fully fitted kitchens each day and menus are designed specifically to provide a healthy, balanced and nutritious diet.
Meals are served at appropriate time to avoid incoviniences.
Pupils are transported by Bella Shuttles Transporters Company. Seeta Parents is affiliated with Magical Kids' Shuttles to ease movement of our day scholars from home to school and school to home safely and on time.


The school has a play ground with 2 acres of space where pupils go and do a lot of sports activities.


They are spacious which allows neatness and makes cleaning easier. They are well fitted with Television sets, which play educative and entertaining programmes for pupils every after preps and during weekends.

There is a wide range of after school activities to keep boarders active and fulfilled.

Dormitory mothers for lower Primary Section, collect children's clothes and wash them. Well as children who are in P.4 to P.7 wash their clothes under supervision by Dormitory mothers on scheduled afternoons.


Full time medical personels are allocated to every section of the section and reside on the school to watch the health status of pupils. There is also a fully stocked discipensary at the school.


Our Kids are winners! 

Children have only one childhood; we believe their Kindergarten school experience should be magical and wondrous, filled with inspirational and unforgettable learning experiences. At Seeta Parents Kindergarten, we know it is both our duty and priviledge to help children enjoy and delight in their precious childhood years, while building a firm educational foundation for the rest of their lives. 


Learning is driven through the development of our six learning values in the context of our Integrated Curriculum, where there is a strong focus on concept acquisition and skills within meaningful contexts using reading as a core. The curriculum is wide and varied and challenges every pupil to achieve their best in becoming independent and confident learners who are able to make decisions and think for themselves.

Our programme is activity oriented with children experiencing “hands on” learning skills in line with the instructional and theoretical approach. As a result our progrmmmes are run with core learning in:

> Reading activities

> Language activities

> Science activities

> Mathematics activities

> Social study activities

And physical, emotional and psychological skills through: Sports, Theater and Art.

Toto umbrella

Our day care centre is available and ready to receive babies from 6 months to 2 years with highly clean and secure environment for child growth and development. The care takers are highly trained on child care and are real mothers.

Dear mum, don't be stressed with ruthless and careless maids. Bring your baby to SPKS, “A Home away from home” 


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We congratulate all Old students upon having graduated and bravo to those who have just joined university on government sponsorship. Education is Light!
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